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 This 12-week FCM course equips you to minister to the hurting, heal the broken, & restore the lost by first looking deep into your own heart. The process of being able to help others begins with becoming whole ourselves.

The vision of this course is to begin equipping people in the Christian counselling arena by introducing them to a biblical counselling philosophy, imparting basic counselling skills, and walking with them through their own growth and healing process.

What's it about?
  • Master the skill of active listening
  • See transformation in both your life and the lives of others
  • Gain new insights into human growth and development
  • Develop a Biblically-based motivation to counsel and be counselled




Foundations for Counselling Ministry

Upcoming course dates TBC



Lecture phase: £2150*

This includes a £200 deposit that will be paid upon acceptance to the course. 

Registration fee: £25 (this makes sure that we have everything needed in order to process your application)

 Outreach costs: TBC

 *Please note that this figure will not include transport/flights & visas to get here.