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During the lecture phase portion of the DTS, a day may look something like this:

After breakfast and a personal quiet time, at 9am there may be an hour of either prayer or worship, followed by lectures starting at 10am. These would run until 1pm, with a community tea break at around 11:15am. Lunchtime is from 1-2pm, and the afternoon may have practical service around the Holmsted Manor property or outreach into the local community. The evenings are usually free to spend time socialising or catching up on different things, but there may be an evening class once a week. As for the outreach phase, every day could be different!

Prayer and worship

Prayer and worship is the heartbeat of life at Holmsted Manor, connecting with God shapes what we do here and how we go out to share the love of God locally and with the world. We have several dedicated prayer and worship spaces including an outdoor chapel, a tiny prayer cubby and a large, beautiful space called Qadash (a Hebrew word meaning ‘to be set apart’). These are available for your own quiet times and corporately with others: with your one-on-one, small group, DTS and participating with the rhythms of prayer and worship with the rest of the community.

Small groups and one-on-ones

We believe in the value of discipleship and all of us need regular input and support. You will have a dedicated mentor who will personally invest one-on-one time with you every week to help you in your discipleship journey as you process the things that you’re learning and experiencing. You will also be part of a small group, where you can talk with others and apply what you have been learning, receive support and be encouraged!

Who else will be on my DTS?

As YWAM is an international and interdenominational movement we have people from all over the world coming to DTS. Most DTS trainees are between the age of 18 (our minimum age for DTS) and 28 but people of any age are absolutely welcome to apply to be part of the school!

What will my room be like?

Community living is part of the experience of DTS, so trainees share dorm-style rooms. Holmsted Manor maintains many of its famous original features, so although the rooms are dormitories, it will be spacious (as long as you don’t bring too much luggage!). Living in a beautiful English manor house is a ‘once-in-a-lifetime experience’.

What does it cost to do a DTS? -

Lecture Phase: £1975 (A £200 deposit paid upon acceptance to the school is included in this figure)

This includes your accommodation, food and travel within the location.

Outreach Phase: £1400. This includes your accommodation, food and travel within the location. Please note that flights to outreach will be at an additional cost, you will also be responsible for ensuring you have adequate travel insurance for this portion of the DTS.

Will I need a visa to do a DTS at Holmsted Manor?

Applicants who are not from the UK, EU or EEA will require a visa to do a DTS. However, we will help you through the whole process once you’ve been accepted to DTS.